Evidence collection and capability maturity – how RaaS can help!

I was conducting a maturity assessment recently and I wanted to look into the customers datacentre hardware/software data. They were unable to provide anything on use so my recommendation in this area was fairly obvious – get greater data insight!
People often underestimate the requirement for fairly wide ranging IT data even on a day to day basis. A quick call to the service desk and I want to have confidence they will help, understanding my device load out and categories (laptop/desktop/tablet) would immediately give me some indication of confidence without access to data everything is re-active and generally takes longer.

So the general rule of thumb is, have semi-real or real time IT estate data, ensure it’s automated, link it to your CMS and make sure (where appropriate) the data is accessible to the masses.

On this note this brings me to the second point of this post – from an enterprise perspective I like to have fixed agent based tools and centralised reporting. However from a project perspective I like to have easily accessible project data so as not to put risk in my area. Here we can look at various tools, one of which is reporting as a service (RaaS). Here we can conduct data collection utilising a lightweight service and send it off to a central location to avoid having to pivot table the hell out of raw data.

Why do I mention this? Well Xtravirt have just opened up the beta of its SONAR RaaS platform. In its initial stages it’s VMware Vsphere focused, it will however expend out offering an exciting new way of enterprise and project based data insight! – http://t.co/QBEYYO6JjC

Testing the throttling capabilities of VMware converter standalone (continued)

Throttle me this throttle me that…

In-between exam prep I remembered I had started to test the impact of the P2V synchronisation feature. Luckily my lab was in exactly the same state as before I went on holiday therefore to finalise this was going to take me (hopefully) hardly any time.

I logged into converter and selected the last throttled job… previously I had set medium CPU throttling and 15MBps network transfer throttle.

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My First look at vcloud service (VMware hybrid cloud beta) –basically my notes as I go!

I have updated this blog as a combination of a platform error and my lack of ability to read before clicking is what caused the below to occur!


I’m currently researching Azure and AWS services to look at the feasibility of extending the Xtravirt production domain into the cloud (as an initial start). So far I’ve had a fair bit of success with Azure whereby I have extended my own lab domain into the cloud to a virtual domain controller. With AWS I’ve been less successful as I have not as yet been able to connect to the IPSEC VPN Gateway (I believe that is due to a conflict with the AZURE requirement for the WAN interface to have an MTU of 1350). So how this comes into play is that Gregg emailed the internal tech DL mentioning a hybrid service from VMware! Excellent an additional service to look at. Exciting times!

Here we go!

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