Thought of the morning (now afternoon), since we know that transparency is key with shadow marketing, why do so many Companies market and sell services that do not exist until after a sale? Surely its simpler to be honest, explain the model to your customers and advice them of the process. I like bespoke, sure if you take a standard architecture and tailor it ,that’s great but tell me that! (this is how I create service propositions usually). I understand the need to drive sales but you need to have the confidence and capability to deliver on your promises.

This isn’t to say everything needs to be 100%, I’m just thinking of situations where I’ve seen 100% bespoke solutions delivered as “cookie cutter” services.

As a customer a way to avoid this is thorough research & understanding, or if time/skills or risk mitigation prohibits that, buy some consulting services.

With the right skills, with advances in technology you can achieve a lot if you know how.