Enterprise Architecture – TOGAF 9.1 Maturity Assessment Tool

So I’ve finally got round to writing a new maturity assessment tool, this time it’s for TOGAF 9.1. I’ve constructed the bare bones of the basic tool (based in Excel) using the TOGAF ACMM (CMMI Based). The first phase was to construct the assessment tool using TOGAF’s defined ACMM levels which covers 9 capability areas. The next step is to develop a comprehensive version which covers more detailed questioning to assess each area in a granular manner. I’d imagine version 2.0 will contain at least 100 questions, the main bulk of time is not in creating what good looks like, but in writing 5 distinct levels for each question, something which some maturity tools have failing in. I’ll post more as I develop this further.

TOGAF 9.1 Assessment Dashboard

  • Sushil Nembhani

    Please if can share the basic tool (based in Excel)