Activating Azure Backup Services and Backing up some data

Ok so here is a quick fire guide to configuring azure backup and backing up some example data!

Click NEW



Complete the required details and Click CREATE VAULT

Once complete you can see the following:

Now we need to back something up!

Click WEVault001

The quick start screen will appear

The following URL gives details of how to setup backup:

I open an elevated command prompt and create a .cer file for use with backup (the date must be within 3 years from the day you upload it!):

Next I verify the file exists (It does!) and then click on “MANAGE CERTIFICATE”


Next we click on Download Agent

I downloaded the agent.


I logged into a server I wanted to backup (in this case a hyper-v 3.0 2012 One)

Run the installer, accepted the license agreement…


Clicked NEXT

Left the default paths, clicked NEXT

Selected to use the Microsoft Update Opt-in then clicked INSTALL

The app then appeared to crash with NO CPU activity registered…nothing suitable in the event log to show any activity….

I ended the task…

Clicked OK, re-ran the install without opting in for Microsoft Update and voila!

I also opted not to check for updates. Click Finish… now we need to install the certificate (local machine personal store)…. Click click click (I exported the cert from my desktop using pcfx format with the private key)


I ran the azure backup tool, then clicked register server:

I’m not using a proxy so clicked NEXT

Click Browse to install the certificate

Click NEXT

The tool then searches for vaults:

Click the drop down arrow!

As we can see the West Europe Vault 001 (the one I created) is available. Click NEXT

We now have another level of security (I clicked generate and saved to the desktop)


Excellent, click close then we need to configure and schedule!

Click Schedule Backup

Click NEXT

I’m going to backup my desktop!

Click NEXT

I left the settings as default:

Again I left defaults:

Click NEXT

Ok then clicked finish. Note the limit of 850 GB per volume limitation!


We are ready to go!

To test this I clicked BACKUP NOW!

Click Back Up

So we now see a VSS snapshot occur:

We can now see my data being transferred then completed!

Having only selected the desktop which rolled in at 17.9 MB it appears compression and metadata took up a little more than I would have thought! I’ll look into that J

I hope this was useful to people! I’ll look into options such as encryption, exclusions, best practises for storing passphrases and restore at a later point.a