When 2014 comes!!!

With the release of windows 8 approaching we are drawing closer to the end of support date for windows XP. With this in mind people are probably wondering what a actions they can take to mitigate application computability issues. Using virtual desktops, virtual app or presentation virtualisation will ultimately leave you in the same position, reliant upon in-house knowledge or third party support once the cut off date ticks over. This may or may not be a bad thing… In a economic downturn it most likely comes down to risk vs cost. The risk of running an unsupported (not patched) platform can be mitigated by a decent security configuration and with anit-malware and firewall technology. If say for example your only requirement for a lob app is to access an internal only access web system, measures could be taken to limit the attack surface. The other alert-natives are to upgrade the application, run a terminal services session to server 2008 (not r2) or use a 3rd party extension to internet explorer which includes the older 6+ rendering engines.
Which ever decision you make there will probably be manny factors which influence your decision and there are many different paths that you can take. The same is true for most situations, effective forward planning should ensure you can move forward in secure manner and hopefully without breaking the bank.