BYOD…. to be or not to be…. maybe its not that simple!

I’m still in two minds about what the business benefit is on BYOD initiatives. I’ve just read an article and while interesting (BYOD DRIVES COMMUNISM OUT OF IT) it seems a little one sided. In my mind its not about business unit’s walking off and consuming IT from other providers, its about ensuring that that the services IT provide are aligned with the business. I’ve yet to see someone come out with a statement around BYOD where an actual purpose is drawn out. Sure we can create an 802.11x access path and utilise intelligent access controls with health validity and individual vlan’s per client (all very cool technical stuff) but if this is just to access systems that are accessible in the workplace using corporate facilities which can be secured, governed and controlled I don’t see the benefit to the business other than the removal of gadget buying on the businesses budget.

I’m building a BYOD POC, maybe I will become enlightened….. only time will tell.