My response to a Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere 5 blog

I came across a blog on twitter today at the below URL. I thought I would at least spend a few minutes checking it out, due to some of the erroneous information in it I decided I would re-post but with my comments on some of the points raised.

Before people jump in, yes I work with MS technology but I’ve also spent years working with VMware hypervisors. Personally I don’t really care which one people use, it’s more important to spend time on CSI than argue over hypervisors. I do care about advice being correct though…. So here goes.

The below was tweeted by @vmwarearmy

Hyper-V 2012 versus VMWare vSphere 5


Tasked with investigating whether a big P2V project should go the Hyper-V 3 (Server 2012) route or the VMWare (vSphere 5.1) route, I spent a few weeks testing both solutions. I also spent some time googling the subject – and that is actually why I am writing about it here. The classic “VMWare versus Hyper-V” search yielded absolutely no useful information. In this post I will add my findings in the hope that this will be useful to someone.
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