MAP 9.0 Beta Overview and Review


In this guide I walk quickly through the installation and a sample configuration for collecting windows data, performance data and creating some simple reports.

What’s changed?

Taken straight from the beta readme file here is the list of changes from the previous version:

•Added Server and Cloud Enrollment scenario

•Added Remote Desktop scenario

•Added Capability to inventory software using SWID tags

•Added option to open reports folder from report generation progress window

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My response to a Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere 5 blog

I came across a blog on twitter today at the below URL. I thought I would at least spend a few minutes checking it out, due to some of the erroneous information in it I decided I would re-post but with my comments on some of the points raised.

Before people jump in, yes I work with MS technology but I’ve also spent years working with VMware hypervisors. Personally I don’t really care which one people use, it’s more important to spend time on CSI than argue over hypervisors. I do care about advice being correct though…. So here goes.

The below was tweeted by @vmwarearmy

Hyper-V 2012 versus VMWare vSphere 5


Tasked with investigating whether a big P2V project should go the Hyper-V 3 (Server 2012) route or the VMWare (vSphere 5.1) route, I spent a few weeks testing both solutions. I also spent some time googling the subject – and that is actually why I am writing about it here. The classic “VMWare versus Hyper-V” search yielded absolutely no useful information. In this post I will add my findings in the hope that this will be useful to someone.
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Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Services Preview (not so fast! You need an access code!)

OK so I was awake early this morning, I checked my twitter feed and saw the following URL posted:

Eager as anything to see this cloud DR service in action I went to sign up:

I Logged onto the Windows Azure Dashboard

Clicked NEW

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My SharePoint 2007 Nightmare

Ok so this is for my notes really… (and for anyone who is interested in having to migrate from SharePoint 2007 based technology!)

So our hosted service provider won’t give us a .spb file (I have no idea why!). In addition to this their advice is to use webdav. Great for copying a single document maybe.. not for performing a migration or archive copy. To make matters worse still we have no central admin access so I can’t use a native backup.

So we rock in with either the following:

  1. SharePoint Web Services using custom code (c#) – long
  2. SharePoint Designer 2007 – create a backup to .cmp (nice and easy)
  3. Buy a third party product to to option 1

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Configure Windows Server 2008R2 Server as Site-to-Site VPN service to connect to Windows Azure

This is a good article that explains how to do this. Note Server 2012 will not support due to the lack of NAT-T support. With this you must ensure your server is patched with the following:

For the full article check here:

When 2014 comes!!!

With the release of windows 8 approaching we are drawing closer to the end of support date for windows XP. With this in mind people are probably wondering what a actions they can take to mitigate application computability issues. Using virtual desktops, virtual app or presentation virtualisation will ultimately leave you in the same position, reliant upon in-house knowledge or third party support once the cut off date ticks over. This may or may not be a bad thing… In a economic downturn it most likely comes down to risk vs cost. The risk of running an unsupported (not patched) platform can be mitigated by a decent security configuration and with anit-malware and firewall technology. If say for example your only requirement for a lob app is to access an internal only access web system, measures could be taken to limit the attack surface. The other alert-natives are to upgrade the application, run a terminal services session to server 2008 (not r2) or use a 3rd party extension to internet explorer which includes the older 6+ rendering engines.
Which ever decision you make there will probably be manny factors which influence your decision and there are many different paths that you can take. The same is true for most situations, effective forward planning should ensure you can move forward in secure manner and hopefully without breaking the bank.

How to backup SCSM 2012 Service Manager Server and Data Warehouse

For those of you who use native backup or for those building the system I’ve put together a quick T-SQL file for backup up the databases:

For the SCSM Service Manager Server

USE ServiceManager GO BACKUP DATABASE ServiceManager TO DISK = ‘c:\backup\ServiceManager.bak’ WITH FORMAT, MEDIANAME = ‘CSQLSERVERBACKUP’, NAME = ‘ServiceManager Full Backup’; GO

For the data warehouse use:

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