Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Services Preview (not so fast! You need an access code!)

OK so I was awake early this morning, I checked my twitter feed and saw the following URL posted:

Eager as anything to see this cloud DR service in action I went to sign up:

I Logged onto the Windows Azure Dashboard

Clicked NEW

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Testing the throttling capabilities of VMware converter standalone (continued)

Throttle me this throttle me that…

In-between exam prep I remembered I had started to test the impact of the P2V synchronisation feature. Luckily my lab was in exactly the same state as before I went on holiday therefore to finalise this was going to take me (hopefully) hardly any time.

I logged into converter and selected the last throttled job… previously I had set medium CPU throttling and 15MBps network transfer throttle.

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More with vmware vcloud service

Ok so I’m testing out vcloud service.

I’ve gone to the administration tab and have click add new users.

I’ve filled in the details as below

And we have a winner! This function seems to work J

I’m going to log out (currently logged in with the ADMIN account

So I logged in fine! (note you need to ensure you add “@” & [ORGNAME] on the end e.g. [email protected]

Then I tried to create another VM again…


My First look at vcloud service (VMware hybrid cloud beta) –basically my notes as I go!

I have updated this blog as a combination of a platform error and my lack of ability to read before clicking is what caused the below to occur!


I’m currently researching Azure and AWS services to look at the feasibility of extending the Xtravirt production domain into the cloud (as an initial start). So far I’ve had a fair bit of success with Azure whereby I have extended my own lab domain into the cloud to a virtual domain controller. With AWS I’ve been less successful as I have not as yet been able to connect to the IPSEC VPN Gateway (I believe that is due to a conflict with the AZURE requirement for the WAN interface to have an MTU of 1350). So how this comes into play is that Gregg emailed the internal tech DL mentioning a hybrid service from VMware! Excellent an additional service to look at. Exciting times!

Here we go!

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