MAP 9.0 Beta Overview and Review


In this guide I walk quickly through the installation and a sample configuration for collecting windows data, performance data and creating some simple reports.

What’s changed?

Taken straight from the beta readme file here is the list of changes from the previous version:

•Added Server and Cloud Enrollment scenario

•Added Remote Desktop scenario

•Added Capability to inventory software using SWID tags

•Added option to open reports folder from report generation progress window

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My response to a Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere 5 blog

I came across a blog on twitter today at the below URL. I thought I would at least spend a few minutes checking it out, due to some of the erroneous information in it I decided I would re-post but with my comments on some of the points raised.

Before people jump in, yes I work with MS technology but I’ve also spent years working with VMware hypervisors. Personally I don’t really care which one people use, it’s more important to spend time on CSI than argue over hypervisors. I do care about advice being correct though…. So here goes.

The below was tweeted by @vmwarearmy

Hyper-V 2012 versus VMWare vSphere 5


Tasked with investigating whether a big P2V project should go the Hyper-V 3 (Server 2012) route or the VMWare (vSphere 5.1) route, I spent a few weeks testing both solutions. I also spent some time googling the subject – and that is actually why I am writing about it here. The classic “VMWare versus Hyper-V” search yielded absolutely no useful information. In this post I will add my findings in the hope that this will be useful to someone.
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SCVMM 2012 SP1 CTP2 crash (display resoltuon too high?)

I’ve deployed SCVMM 2012 today and noticed the service was crashing (causing a disconnect of my console session). It appears that the cause of this was my Remotefx resolution being outside of the expected range. The reason I believe it was this is that the error (virtual Machine Manager – event ID 1 stated System.infexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Microsoft.VirtualManager.Utils.MonitorResolutonLimits.GetMonitorResolution(int32 numMonitors, Int32 monitorsResolutionIndex)

In addition to this I noticed that the dynamic memory maximum amount was also outside of a supported configuration limit of SCVMM. Since changing the memory limits and setting any remotefx adaptor resolutions to 1280 x 1024 the crashes and event logs have stopped. (edit: Its been about an hour now and no service crashes!)

Why Hyper-v??

If you ever need a list of reasons as to why Server 2012’s hypervisor is a good thing here it is:

It will be interesting to see what occurs in hypervisor space now that Windows has started to get some legs 😉

Windows Server 2012

I’ve started to write a Server 2012 Core Active Directory Installation Guide. 2012 has heap of new features, configuration posibilities and what appears to be a better management hat on. One of the cool articles I have just read exaplins a little about how 2012 can help in terms of forest restore capabilities.

How Windows Server 2012 Improves Active Directory Disaster Recovery Process

I’ll be writing a series of how to’s and posting them in the near future.

Watch this space!