Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Services Preview (not so fast! You need an access code!)

OK so I was awake early this morning, I checked my twitter feed and saw the following URL posted:

Eager as anything to see this cloud DR service in action I went to sign up:

I Logged onto the Windows Azure Dashboard

Clicked NEW

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My SharePoint 2007 Nightmare

Ok so this is for my notes really… (and for anyone who is interested in having to migrate from SharePoint 2007 based technology!)

So our hosted service provider won’t give us a .spb file (I have no idea why!). In addition to this their advice is to use webdav. Great for copying a single document maybe.. not for performing a migration or archive copy. To make matters worse still we have no central admin access so I can’t use a native backup.

So we rock in with either the following:

  1. SharePoint Web Services using custom code (c#) – long
  2. SharePoint Designer 2007 – create a backup to .cmp (nice and easy)
  3. Buy a third party product to to option 1

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Testing the throttling capabilities of VMware converter standalone (continued)

Throttle me this throttle me that…

In-between exam prep I remembered I had started to test the impact of the P2V synchronisation feature. Luckily my lab was in exactly the same state as before I went on holiday therefore to finalise this was going to take me (hopefully) hardly any time.

I logged into converter and selected the last throttled job… previously I had set medium CPU throttling and 15MBps network transfer throttle.

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Configure Windows Server 2008R2 Server as Site-to-Site VPN service to connect to Windows Azure

This is a good article that explains how to do this. Note Server 2012 will not support due to the lack of NAT-T support. With this you must ensure your server is patched with the following:

For the full article check here:

Powerpoint on an iPAD

If anyone has ever tried to create a powerpoint on a iPAD you will probably have run into the issue that I just have had…….you can’t…. well technically you can but its not something I’d want to do out of choice. It took me over 5 minutes to create my title slide with a few words on (from a template page). If MS had the London store open I would head up there and test out a surface for comparison but they do not. So until March 2013 I will be using a traditional device for creating docs!